How To Gain Weight
and Build Muscle Fast

Gain weight fast? To a world obsessed with getting skinny, this can seem an odd goal. But there are those of us who have workout goals that go against the grain. We need to know how to gain weight.

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With a little intelligent bodybuilding training, you CAN build muscle mass and gain weight fast. Whether you choose to follow the weight gain plan of someone who has successfully gone before you (check the top program reviews) or design a program yourself, this site CAN help you achieve your muscle building goals.

Whatever you do...

Don't underestimate the importance of any of the five main parts of a successful weight gain program. It won't be all about your workout routines.

If you truly want to dramatically change your body, to learn how to build muscle mass fast, understand that it will be the power of all these factors working together that will propel you towards your goals - a precise combination of nutrition, exercise and rest will provide you maximum results.

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Don't get nervous... We aren't talking about dawn to dusk changes in your lifestyle here. A solid muscle mass building program won't take anything more than a little intelligence and a few extra hours a week to implement so...

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The amount of information on weight gain is increasing but BEWARE. A lot of this information is crap. I once asked a genetically blessed friend for advice on how to gain weight.

He told me and I quote, "Eat more crackers."

And that is what a lot of the growing information on weight gain is - do what the rest of the fitness and weight loss people do (the same weight lifting workouts, the same routines) but just eat more. This is nothing more than the weight loss companies trying to expand their customer base.

It DOES NOT help the hardgainer put on weight.

There is also a plethora of advice available from the bodybuilding hulks. These are guys that could probably get the 17 inch biceps we'd be ecstatic with by just doing the old 12 ounce curls. Genetics were good to them but unless they were equally good to you, you're likely to become frustrated following their muscle building workouts, diets, tips and advice.

On this website, you will find the ways to gain weight that will work. We will go against the grain and gain weight fast. Quick gains are good. Most of us won't work our butts off to gain a few pounds a year. Besides, we'd likely be old and gray by the time we met our muscle mass building goals.

I gained 29 lbs. of lean muscle mass in just ten weeks using the natural bodybuilding techniques discussed on the pages of this web site. This was after trying the programs and routines in the muscle mags, buying expensive muscle gain supplements and systems with cool scientific names, and, yes, even eating lots of crackers.

All these things netted me no significant mass gain results. My hope is that by using the Guide, you will avoid the years of frustration I endured during my quest to gain weight and build muscle (along with the money I wasted on worthless systems). I have every confidence that your weight and muscle gain goals will be met.


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